A Kaleidoscope of Fine Fragrances

Making an individual perfume is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive services offered by AquaFlor. The perfume is created on the basis of reactions and sensations that these fragrances evoke.



A mixture of the best essential oils makes you the person you want to be.

Moisturizing Waters

Light notes together with a delicate fragrance leave a feeling of freshness on your skin.

Home Fragrances

Fragrances that make the smell of every place intimate and personal.


Citrus essential oils and aromatic notes create a unique fragrance.


A vast series of scented soaps keeps your hands and drawers perfumed.


There is no doubt. The concept of fragrance was born thanks to the ancient Egyptians. However, it was Caterina de Medici, Florentine lady, who introduced the perfumes as known today to the French court. Fascinated by history and determined to carry on the love for essential oils we create AquaFlor.

The first atelier and the laboratories are hosted in the prestigious Renaissance palazzo Corsini Antinori Serristori, now Cecconi Roselli, in Borgo Santa Croce.

Over the years, our small shop has grown more and more. And thanks to our partners, we are now present also in Barcelona, ​​Dubai, and Prague.

AquaFlor still remains a craft company where everything is handmade and attention to detail is essential.

AquaFlor Boutique in Prague is located in the beautiful Rytířská Street in the middle of Old Town. Our entrance door brings you to a magical world where time doesn't exist and an intense perfume pervades your nostrils.

Pick an essence you like the best, get a small gift for someone special, or attend an exclusive experience and create your own perfume.



A unique workshop on the secrets and the fascinating techniques of traditional Florentine perfumery, focusing on how to make a personal perfume.


Each participant receives a 100ml bottle of the fragrance created during the masterclass, along with its unique formula, notes on the lesson details, and perfumery references for further exploration.

2h - 2h 30min
English (Czech upon request)
15 persons max
Quote upon reservation request

Let's make a perfume

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Rytířská 11,
110 00 Praha 1

Opening hours

Mon-Sat: 11.00–19.00
Sun: 12.00–19.00

How to get here?

Metro: line A, line B
Tram: 1, 2, 7, 9, 18, 20, 22